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SFWW is not one person, it is a collective of all the members that have been supporting this idea and making it what it is today. We’ve created something that money can not buy.

If SFWW has impacted your business, your craft, you personally, has helped you land more work, fixed problems, build long-lasting relationships that otherwise wouldn’t exist and you believe in the mission of healthy, thriving industry, then become a member and be apart of something bigger than all of us!


Created June 30th, 2016, Spray Foam World Wide was born out of a need for a community for spray foam industry professionals. In order to promote the industry, we decided to forge our own environment where contractors and applicators can communicate, trade ideas, and contribute to the world of spray foam.

Now, we are an organically grown powerhouse for the trade made up of contractors, applicators, techs, and sales professionals ready to take on the leadership role for the betterment of all.

Over the past three years, the spray foam industry has taken leaps and bounds into the digital world. What once started as a Facebook group to get spray foam contractors, business owners, and sprayers together in one space to discuss industry-specific topics has quickly turned into a global phenomenon… Spray Foam World Wide (SFWW).


We are happy to help people of all experiences with their spray foam business and move the community forward with new information and interactions. This has grown into an amazing opportunity and we are grateful to facilitate the growth of the spray foam industry. Spray Foam World Wide is proud to service professionals across the United States and Canada.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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